Sunday, 27 April 2014

Spotlight Sunday #16 Compeed Total Care Invisible

Hey all!

(Looking hot with it on my lips lol)

Today I am focusing on a random beauty related product the Compeed Total Care Invisible. This is made put on top of cold sores. It is literally like putting a sticker on your lip. The idea behind it is that with the sticker on, no air or bacteria can get to the cold sore so it will start to go away quicker. Also you can still apply makeup over the sticker so it can really go undetected, or at least not be completely noticeable.

In March I had a cold sore the day before my Graduation and I found that this made it go away practically over night. It made the cold sore barely visible for my graduations photos! I literally just put this on before I went to sleep, it was on all night and it made a lot of difference. They are barely noticeable so I even wore one to work a few times. Although if you plan on wearing it for a long time you have to be careful when you are eating or drinking to not move it.

The pack comes with a mirror so you can apply them anywhere and anytime. Although they can be slightly tricky to get on and sometimes my first try failed but then you just learn from what you did wrong and try again.

Would I recommend this? Yes. Will I repurchase it? Yes I will because nobody has time for cold sores!

Briony xx

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