Saturday, 3 May 2014

Shameless selfies #5

Hey all!

Just making my mass selfie sessions worth while with another Shameless selfies post! If you hate these post comment below or if you love them tell me too!

I think this was taken before Lisa's 21st. 90's inspired brown lips. 

At Lisa's 21st with the Bestfraaaand

On the tram after a boring 20/20 cricket match. Haha not a fan but everyone else had fun. 

Before Brodie and Darcey's 21st birthday parties. Looking super tan thanks to J Bronze. 

This was on Insta, but the same day!

Face mask! Sample queen #3

Before Nashi's. False lashes

GRWM Nashi's 21st

Woke up like dis. Oh bed hair is so appealing.

Briony xx

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